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Chicago, Illinois   p. 312-804-9122
Cathy Sue Who?
Born and raised on the Northside of Chicago to
parents Thomas and Mary Carpenter, it was there in
the humble, working class neighborhood where Cathy
Sue Carpenter honed her wild imagination.  School
and conservative parents steered her towards a more
sensible life of office work.  Always trying to express
her creativity, it took getting very ill to take it to the next
level and be able to share her work with others.  “Life
gets too serious and overwhelming sometimes and
we all need remember the simple and fun times every
now and then.  I enjoyed that as I was working on my
book and hope the reader will be able to do the same,
if only for a few moments.  
Read.  Enjoy.  
,” says the author about her first book.
A book by Cathy Sue Carpenter
and illustrated by Janet Arvia