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Chicago, Illinois   p. 312-804-9122
So what?  Sew Buttons on your
underwear, that's what!
As an outgoing child, and then a pretty wild teenager with a sass
mouth, my uncreative, smart-aleck rebuttal to any comment was
often, “So what?”

Tired and aggravated with her ungrateful
daughter, my mom’s comeback was always,
“So what? Sew buttons on your underwear.
That’s what.”

For years I just laughed and of course thought my mom was truly
nuts. My eventual pre-teen comeback was, “Why not sew zippers?”

Dedicated to my mom, Mary L. Carpenter, as
well as all moms in the world, sleep deprived and
winging it as best as they can, with love.

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A book by Cathy Sue Carpenter
and illustrated by Janet Arvia