the chick
Cathy Carpenter
aka Creative Chick
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Chicago, Illinois   p. 312-804-9122

Throughout her career, she has worked at such firms as Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide and
Noble & Associates, including accounts like Wilson Sporting Goods, Gerber Baby Food,
Good Humor Breyers, Kimberly Clark, Kraft, Sunbeam and more.  Her experience
encompasses strategic planning, advertising, direct mail, and event management.  Her
broad spectrum of client service practice ranges from regional to global relationships
and include baby food, union laborers, ice cream, flooring, appliances,
and commercial interiors.

While the majority of her experience has been with Fortune 500 companies, she
specializes in developing marketing plans for the mid to large sized businesses.  In
addition to providing marketing services, she also believes in educating her smaller
clients in Marketing 101. This provides for a powerful marketing strategy as well as
seamless communication and understanding.